Innovation for the Next Generation of Aerospace

Advances in energy and design efficiencies for transportation have focused - almost exclusively - on ground transportation vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses.

Until now.

Bye Aerospace is applying innovative configuration, structural, propulsion and mechanical systems along with aerodynamic advances to design, build and market aerospace products that will offer significant increases in performance to aerospace markets. One such project includes a Solar Electric designed to provide a significant enhancement in range and loiter time relative to current UAV designs. Other projects under development will provide significant enhancements in terms of speed and fuel efficiency.

Our engineers provide cost effective consulting to the aerospace industry with a full spectrum of engineering services ranging from conceptual development, preliminary design, prototype aircraft to optimizing technical processes, materials qualification and complex structural analysis.

According to our Founder and CEO, George Bye, "What Bye Aerospace brings to aviation is exemplary engineering consulting services and transformational alternative energy solutions."

Bye Aerospace is a small business.